My curiosity has always driven me more than anything, and I think that it always be that way. Which is one of the reasons why I often find myself being so enamored with the idea to try to figure things out and share them as much as possible. Whether it be through music, pictures I’ve taken or something I created in my bedroom, the aim has always been to just create and share it no matter what. In that Iv’e also learned that not everything is meant to be shared with everyone and that’s pretty much where I end up drawing the line. I think that’s one thing that I’ve kept in the back of my head over time goes on, like “Does the world really need to know this about me?”, the answer most times is “No.”, so I digress and keep it moving.

However with HWM being my own personal space, I often use it as a hub to share the music that I’m into, the photos that I’ve taken as well as the creative projects that I’ve created. Even though I still have a lot of content that I have yet to share, I’ve never been the kind of person to keep everything to myself, good content is meant to be shared with the rest of the world. When people noticed that I have my hand in so many creative projects I sometimes get asked “What do you do?” Which is why this space is so important to me because it allows me to bring all of the content that I make and act as a digital archive when people ask that question. I have always just wanted create really good things and express myself in ways that I’ve imagined over the years and now is the time and HWM is the place.