What more can you say about the legend that is Roy Ayers? He has been instrumental in so many musical projects that range from Erykah Badu, RAMP, Tyler, The Creator, Guru, Rick James, Slyvia Striplin, Fela Kuti and many more. If you’ve never heard his name then you might have heard his music being sampled by A Tribe Called Quest for the hip-hop classic “Bonita Applebum”, Amerie’s “Rolling Down My Face” and “In The Mood” by Talib Kweli. It’s no secret that Mr. Ayers has been an integral part of culture behind the scenes and continues to do so. I had the pleasure of seeing him late last year at the Camp Flog Knaw festival and he was amazing and loved to see people still supporting his music and his ongoing legacy. So this is for you Roy. Thank you for all of your contributions to music, you are very much appreciated.


Beyoncé in Her Own Words: Her Life, Her Body, Her Heritage for Vogue Magazine Sept. 2018

Beyoncé in Her Own Words: Her Life, Her Body, Her Heritage for Vogue Magazine Sept. 2018 — I felt it was extremely important to recognize how much of an iconic figure this Woman is and it’s almost crazy to see how much she has done in a such a short period of time. As a fan, I felt that I needed to take a moment and shed the light in her direction (as if she even needs it) for the first art piece for BLACKISBLACK. As African American Male I felt that it was very dope of Vogue Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour to hand the reins over to Beyoncé for their first issue of the Fall Season. I love the idea of constantly pushing the boundaries of what hasn’t been done, in this case it’s the first time that a Black Photographer shot the cover of Vogue—ever. Mind-blowing right? That is one of the many reasons why I felt this issue was such a powerful way of saying that things need to change, and I’m all for it. As someone who is into design, I kind of felt that the photos Tyler Mitchell did for her issue were incredibly overlooked and under-appreciated, so I decided to put my own spin on the September issue of Vogue and create something special to commemorate the iconic issue. — Words by Anna Wintour & B, Photos by Tyler Mitchell, Art Direction and Layout by Nylles Heathland “HTHLND” Vernon for  BLACKISBLACK.