KAYTRANADA - KTRA (Complete KAYTRANADA Production Discography) [Presented by HTHLND & Cory Townes]


As one of the most prolific producers in music, Louis Celestin, also known as Kaytranada, has made waves throughout the industry all while staying true to his individual sound. The 25-year-old Haitian-Canadian has been on the forefront of creating of a new genre of music, a sound that still struggles to find an appropriate title due to its various inspirations and influences, pulling from Rap's hardest 808's and the smoothest House-beat synths, soulful horns and sharp Rock-n-Roll guitar rifts. Nonetheless, everyone from Chance The Rapper to Alicia Keys to The Internet to Mobb Deep has sought out the rising producer for his talents, and artists from Pharrell Williams to Jill Scott to TLC to Beyonce has seen their work reinterpreted under the KAYTRANADA sound.

As purveyors of great music, HTHLND (formerly ESSNSE) and Cory Townes have collaborated on several projects collecting the musical workings of some of their favorite artists, such as The Neptunes, Drake, Dom Kennedy and more. This time around, the duo has decided to pay homage to the workings of Kaytranada through his extensive and versatile career just in time for the upcoming summer. Whether it's the latest smash hit or some of his underground cuts under a former alias, this time around, it's all about KTRA.

- Cory Townes


I remember the first time I heard a remix from KAYTRANADA it was the infamous Teedra Moses “Be Your Girl” edition. At the time I was like “Whoa. Who made this song so damn funky?” When I made the decision to get into DJing seriously I originally wanted to just play house music, but then I found out about Soulection and that sound ended up drawing me in more than I could have ever imagined. Just like many people on the web, I thought KAYTRANADA was apart of their collective, but he wasn’t and I think that made me admire him and his work even more. He was doing this music thing on his own, making remixes and flips from the songs that he loved, meanwhile creating his own.

I soon became one of his biggest fans. I ended up collecting every remix and edit that he released, often ranting and raving on social media about his work. I remember watching his Boiler Room sessions and seeing him having so much fun and it made me more comfortable playing the House and Dance music that I loved. He played this one remix in one of his guest DJ mixes, it was a remix of AlunaGeorge’s “Kaleidoscope Love”. When I heard that bassline I was in love and I’m sure many of you felt the same way.

It’s moments like these that made me a fan of KAYTRA’s work. From the infectious basslines, to the way he’s able to fuse the worlds of Dance, Hip-Hop, R&B and Rap together so effortlessly, KAYTRANADA’s work is the reason why we chose to bring his work as a producer to the forefront. Thank you for your contribution to music, Kevin.


Download comes with artwork, promo artwork, digital booklet,  and music files. Enjoy!

DB:  http://bit.ly/KTRADBL | GD: http://bit.ly/KTRAGDL

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