The Neptunes: The Other Side of the Planet (Complete Neptunes Discography Collection) 2019 Update [Presented by HTHLND & Cory Townes]



I had been almost 2 years since we updated our Neptunes collection and since Pharrell is hosting his Something In The Water Festival we thought that this would be the perfect time to bring everyone up to speed on what The Neptunes have been up to since we re-released it in 2017. So this serves as the official 2019 update to exactly what Chad & P have been up to since then.

We added a bunch of new edits, exclusive finds and also a brand new 129-track album to the bonus portion of the collection.

All that we ask is that you share it amongst your closest friends and family.  Please and thank you.

Welcome back to the Other Side of the Planet. Enjoy - ESSNSE & Cory Townes